Our Services

Now more than ever before, the ability to tap into the potential of people with the right skills and experience can make or break a company. Manpower drives workforce efficiency and agility to enhance competitiveness through contingent and permanent workforce solutions. We offer exclusive services in recruitment process outsourcing, professional staffing, organised labour supply and headhunting through our highly qualified and dedicated team of recruitment professionals.

Our Bouquet of Services:

Manpower Consulting and Advisory to Clientele

We at Qamar Enterprises are committed to the cause of ensuring enriched Human Capital to our Business Partners. Keeping in line with this business motto we provide consulting services on all recruitment related issues for our clients. We act as consultants as well as advisors to our clients so as to optimize their recruitment drive.

Manpower Search

In order to ensure that our business partners get the best talent pool, we have a strong team coupled with systemic process that ensure combing of the perfect talent. Our search team has network across the country so as to facilitate the right manpower for the right job at the right time.

Manpower Training

Depending upon the requirement of our business partners and criticality of the nature of job, we have an internal team that caters to training of the resource provided. This training is to enhance and polish the skill sets of the potential employee.

Manpower Assessment

Keeping in mind our core philosophy of Customer Satisfaction at all interactions, we do undertake regular assessment of the manpower that we provide depending on client requirements. This assessment is dependent on the type of job and the skill set of the potential employee.

Turnkey Projects

In our endeavour to provide quality services at all times, we also undertake turnkey projects with regards to manpower recruitment. In this case, we get involved with our business partners right from the stage where the potential employer plans his recruitment cycle. Our team of HR experts help our business partners plan and execute the entire recruitment process 360 degrees.

Immigration and Ticketing Services

We at Qamar Enterprises believe in being one stop shop for our business partners. This ensures that our clients do not have to go pillar to post for any services. We undertake immigration and ticketing services as the last mile activity to complete the recruitment process. Further, this ensures good monitoring over the entire recruitment process.
Through our regularly updated and maintained database, we guarantee ready availability of ideal professionals; for every position of our specialty sectors. Everything from the planning to the interview, leading to selection and hiring, right up to their work-site arrival and performance, is our responsibility. We are hence renowned as the agency capable of providing a complete recruitment solution for every human resource need.

Our entire recruitment process is extremely streamlined with clear and identified steps:

Step 1: Job Specification

• Obtain Detailed Job Specification from Client
• Understand their Requirements

Step 2: Applicant Search

• Search Database
• Advertise
• Head Hunt

Step 3: Screen CVs

• Shortlist CVs

Step 4: Conduct Official Interview

• Check Documents, Experience Certificates

Step 5: Shortlist

• Shortlist CVs to be forwarded to the client

Step 6: Reference

• Obtain references if CV’s required

Step 7: Forward CVs

• Forward complete CVs to the client

Step 8: Setup Interviews

• Arrange interviews anywhere in India suitable as per the client requirement

Step 9: Follow-up

• Follow-up on interviews and give feedback to both applicant and client

Step 10: Selection Update

• Get Selection List from the client with Offer Letters

Step 11: Offer Acceptance

• Ensure that applicant receives offer letter
• Ensure signed offer letter is returned to client

Step 12: Documentation

• Collect proper documents from the selected candidates

Step 13: Visa Stamping

• Update the client on the visa status

Step 14: Arrange Flight Ticket

• Get the flight tickets for the visa stamped candidates

Step 15: Departure List

• Inform the client about the departure of the candidate to arrange pick-up